A Beginner's Guide To Buying A Diamond

Things to consider when buying a diamond include...





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Question: Diamonds Are _______?

A) Forever.
B) A Girl's Best Friend
C) One Of Nature's Hardest Materials
D) All Of The Above

In light of the fact that diamonds are one of the most substantial investments you'll make in your life, there are several factors to consider while shopping. For example, a diamond's size can range anywhere from .03 to 20 carats (or 2mm-17.6mm); however, let's just assume you're in the market for a 3 carat diamond and focus on the three C's - Color, Clarity, and Cut


While dimaonds come in a variety of colors including blue, yellow and pink. Color generally refers to where "white" stones fall on the GIA's diamond color chart. Here, diamonds receive color grades characterized and categorized as on fot he following: Colorless (D-F), Near Colorless (G-J),  Faint Color (K-M), Very Light Color (N-R), or Light Color (S-Z). As a general rule, ideal diamonds are colorless and lose value the further down the color scale they go.


Now that you're a diamond expert, it's time to find your dream ring!

There's really no wrong answer! These semi-precious stones are both iconic and scientifically fascinating. And, thanks to their wide variance, each gem is highly unique.

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Just like humans, it's not uncharacteristic for diamonds to emerge from deep in the earth with "birthmarks". Generally, these imperfections take the form of small inclusions or blemishes which affect the gem's brilliance. Using the 11 point dimaond clarity scale created by the GIA, grades are based on the number, size, color, reflectivity, and position of visible flaws under magnification with a loop. The closer a stone is graded to Flawless (FL), the more expensive. However, this is exceptionally rare with only 1 in 5,000 making the cut.

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Once you've decided on the size, color, and clairty you prefer, your budget is pretty much set. However, the cut you choose is the most personal, and is arguably the most important, decision you'll need to make. There are close to a dozen options in all shapes all the way from geometric cuts such as round, oval, and princess, to the more elaborate pear, marquise, and cushion cuts.

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